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Linda T. Hubbard      About

Linda T. Hubbard is a fine art photographer who is a native of New England and lived for many years in the Hudson River Valley.  "I love to capture the beauty, peace and serenity of nature - the sunlight on the mountains, the incredible detail of a flower, the glorious colors of the sun setting over the river.  I also love to include an element of architecture, a chair, something that states how humans and nature interrelate"


Her photographs bring back memories of a favorite place or a time of joy and happiness.  They take you to a places that you would like to be, a season that warms and cheers you, or a peaceful setting that soothes your soul.   The photographs can enhance your home or office, be a special gift for various occasions or be a remembrance of a special place.


Linda's photographs can be ordered from this website or see the listing for locations that sell her work.

The photographs can be matted or framed in various sizes.   Please contact Linda for prices and shipping.


They also can be made into photocards.  $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00


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