Virtual Art Show 2021 Winners and Honorable Mentions

First Place

Christina Maschke     "Eastern Bluebird"

Christina Maschke "Eastern Bluebird"

Colored pencil 11x8.5 Print 14x11 frame $45 This portrait was drawn in the gray of winter as I longed for warm weather and color. The vibrant opposite colors of this bluebird was an inspiration.

Jodie Anne Schopfer     "Forced Perspective"

Jodie Anne Schopfer "Forced Perspective"

Photograph 11 x 14 $75 Capturing a view within another world is something that I enjoy doing. It forces a new perspective on a subject. It causes distortion and refraction, changes of light and color. It takes patience and time, forcing me to slow down and look closely at details.

Second Place

Denise Cassano   "Beauty Peace & Love"

Denise Cassano "Beauty Peace & Love"

Mixed Media Collage, Print 11x14 Unframed $75 A quiet, beautiful moment between two disparate species as they find each other at the start of a snowy winter reflects not only the beauty of nature, but the interdependent relationship between all living things.

John Foley   "Spotted Salamander"

John Foley "Spotted Salamander"

Photo 12x18 $125 Spotted salamander: After a cold winter, I so look forward to the first early spring nights with warm rain in the forecast. To most, not a time to go outside but for myself, and most Naturalists, it's time to seek out vernal pools and witness the annual spotted salamander migration.

Third Place

Annie McAward    "Kaleidoscope Walk"

Annie McAward "Kaleidoscope Walk"

Oil on Canvas 16x20 Unframed, 1.5” canvas with sides painted $225 Walking on one of those days when your senses are heightened- colors pop at you, floral fragrances fill your nostrils, and bird calls funnel into your ears.

Mary Ann Glass  "Sycamore Splendor"

Mary Ann Glass "Sycamore Splendor"

Photograph 14 x 11 $95 The beauty of sycamores is one of the joys of winter months.

Honorable Mentions - Paintings

Basha Maryanska   "The Enchanted Place"

Basha Maryanska "The Enchanted Place"

Mixed Media, Mono Prints 24 x 18 $1200 This series of my mixed media, Mono Prints works are inspired by the colors of the Spring Energy, music of the birds, the wind, the smell of nature and the beauty of light. Nature always inspires me and I interpret all aspects of it in many techniques I use to create my images.

Adele Moros    "After the Storm"

Adele Moros "After the Storm"

Watercolor on Yupo 13x17 $275 The freshness of the woods and small streams that appear after a spring storm always delights me. Spring delights me , especially this year. I do love the haphazard Interweaving of the winter deadfall.

Cathleen Nardo  "Orange is the New Green"

Cathleen Nardo "Orange is the New Green"

Pastel 12x15 $350 In early Fall 2020, I joined a group of artists to paint en plein air at Putnam Park. The sky was slightly overcast and the fall colors starting to emerge which shone vibrant against the blue-gray sky. I wanted to capture the play of soft light against the vibrant leaves.

Honorable Mentions - Photography

(c) 2021 All rights are reserved for each image by the submitting artist.
Barbara Soares    "Hello"

Barbara Soares "Hello"

Photograph on Metal 16x20 Unframed / ready to hang $250 A very friendly blue eyed goat greets me with a heart warming face and says hello!

Jim Stasiak    Leaf on the Road"

Jim Stasiak Leaf on the Road"

Photograph 16x20 $300 Literally an autumn leaf on our dirt road, with a bit of added spice.

Neil Zobler  "Easy To Be Green"

Neil Zobler "Easy To Be Green"

Photograph 8x10 $100 I took this image at Greenwich Audubon Center during the pandemic restrictions. It's a happy photo that makes me smile every time I look at it.

Many thanks to our Judges:


Michael Garland for Paintings  

New York Times best-selling author and illustrator Michael Garland’s greatest success has been for writing and illustrating children's picture books. Garland’s Miss Smith’s Incredible Storybook won the California and Delaware State Reading Awards. He is author and illustrator of forty children’s picture books and illustrator for more than forty books by other authors.


Recent books include Ferry Boat from Holiday House, The Traveling Camera, Lewis Hine and the Fight to End Child Labor by Alexandra Hinrichs illustrated by Michael Garland from the Getty Museum, Birds Make Nests- Correll Book 2018 Children’s Picture Book  For Excellence, Outstanding Merit, Bank Street Best Books Of The Year, Outstanding Sciene Trade Book- Natonal Science Teachers and CBC, Mazza Museum of Children’s Book Art 2018 Caldecott Contender Selection, Pizza Mouse, Junior Library Guild Selection,  Lost Dog, Tugboat, Car Goes Far, Fish Had A Wish published by Holiday House. Fish Had A Wish was a Star Review of Publishers Weekly and Kirkus Top Twenty Five Picture Books of the Year. 

Daddy Played the Blues –Notable Social Studies Trade Book from the National Counci for the Social Studies and CBC and  A Season Of Flowers,  TWO MEN AND A CAR, FDR Al Capone and a Caddilac V-8 from Tilbury House Publishers.


New from Scholastic is Big And Little Are Best Friends.  Also from Scholastic, Oh, What A Christmas! and Where’s My Homework? 

Grandpa’s Tractor, Boyds Mills was selected for the Original Art of Childrren’s Book Show at the Society of Illustrators in NYC.

Garland’s Miss Smith and the Haunted Library made the New York Times Best Seller list.


Michael Garland has illustrated for celebrity authors like James Patterson and Gloria Estefan on best selling picture books. Michael Garland’s illustrations for Patterson’s SantaKid were the inspiration for Sak’s Fifth’s Avenue’s Christmas holiday window display in New York City. Garland’s Christmas Magic has become a season classic and is currently in development as an animated Christmas special.


His work has won many honors and is frequently included in the Society of Illustrators and the Original Art of Children's book show as well annuals from Print, Graphis and Communications Arts magazines. Recently, Michael Garland was included on the list of the top one hundred Irish Americans by Irish American Magazine.


Michael Garland has illustrated cover commissions for Forbes, Fortune and Newsweek magazines as well as best selling novels.  Michael Garland is frequently asked to speak at schools, literary conferences and festivals across the country. Call or email for information.


You can learn more about Michael Garland by visiting his web site or on Facebook:


John Clery for Photographs

J.H. Clery is a wildlife photographer who specializes in capturing images that tell a story and allow the viewer a brief glimpse into his subjects lives. He has written numerous articles that have been published in regional magazines and has won recognition for his work in local shows.


Giving back has always been important to John and he has donated photographs for various projects such as the Cornell Lab of Ornithology Raven Exhibit, a coyote photograph to the State of South Carolina’s Department of Natural Resources for a PSA about the State’s deer population, and currently the Sustainable Connecticut project for New Milford.


John, and his wife Leslie, live in New Milford, CT along with their dogs Willie and Logan.

for more information: