Virtual Art Show 2020 Winners and Honorable Mentions


First Place:  Annie McAward for "Cottontail"

Second Place:  Basha Maryanska for "Outdoor Tree"

Thirds Place:  Janet Greco for "These are for You"

Honorable Mention:  Adele Moros for "September Song"














First Place:  Dennis Larkin for  "Indigo Bunting"

Second Place:  Justin Goodhart for "Green on Green"

Third Place:  Neil Zobler for "Waiting for Spring"

Honorable Mention:  Lu Li for "Shielding Splash"

Honorable Mention:  Judith Secco for "Jay Feathers


Judges are:


Kathleen L' Hommedieu for Paintings  

Kathleen L’Hommedieu is a painter and teacher, who loves the outdoors and its beauty, uses her paintings to show the ever changing light and color of nature.  Born and raised in Connecticut, she started painting and taking art classes 10 years ago with Ira Barkoff at the Washington Art Assoc, an accomplished artist, teacher and mentor.


While traveling, hiking, rowing and gardening, she has brought these memories to canvas. Her travels have taken her through the United States and Europe but most of her work comes from living in the northwest hill of Connecticut. She teaches art at the Washington Art Association, Old Platform 6 and in her home studio. Her work is sold and collected in the United States and Europe.  “I love painting trees“ says L'Hommedieu.  “I have been surrounded by their beauty my entire life.  I see light and color, and they are forever changing.” 

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Jane Haslam for Photographs

Jane Haslam is a noted photographer and owner of LAND Gallery in Pawling, NY.  Originally from Derbyshire, England, with an accent to match, Haslam has lived in the Hudson Valley since 2009.  She now enjoys life to the full in this beautiful part of the Hudson Valley. She has a talent of photographing nature in all its forms from early morning light of a landscape to an the thrill of capturing an eagle flying by. 


Haslam is also know for her portrait work.  A current exhibition on her website is "Pawling on Pause". This is a project by Haslam to document the resilience of the residents and business people of Pawling during the Spring of 2020 when the Village, New York and the world was in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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